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The world is changing every day and when it comes to the technological world, then there is no looking behind. Every day we come across a new piece of technology that affects the life around us. As a tech magazine, TechWirez is focused to help its readers to stay up to date with all new inventions or upgrades being done in the field of technology.

We understand the importance of every bit of technology we use in our daily life, be it high-ticket electronics for your home or a small accessory for your mobile phone we try to cover all your favorite topics. We’ll outline the best technology, tips to select one for your needs, answers to your questions before you make a buying decision, the best places to shop, what you can do with your new piece of technology, and how to set up and perform different tasks.

Our mission is to keep our readers well-informed about technology and help them through buying process by bringing the latest news, reviews, buying guides, and answers to FAQs.

As a tech magazine we publish tech related content on our website. We continuously search for the latest happenings in the tech world including new products and services, and updates to existing ones. Our team then analyzes the information, assigns it to a suitable category like news, reviews, buying guides, and FAQs, and then converts the information into reader-friendly content appropriate for the category it belongs to.

We cover most of the tech related categories. Some of the areas we focus on are appliances, computing, software, mobile devices, wearable technology, smart lifestyle, autos and so on. For detailed information about our coverage visit our categories page.

We independently create and publish content on our tech magazine website TechWirez. We strive to keep it simple for our readers who are looking for information about technology-related subjects, seeking guidance to solve tech-related issues, or needing a piece of advice to choose a product or service they need. Our approach to reviews and product recommendations is thoroughly explained in our reviews policy as well as in the notes on affiliate links.

Though we strive to provide accurate, to-the-point information to our readers, however, we may make mistakes because we are still human beings. In case you come across any information published on our website that you think is not correct or appropriate then please feel free to contact us via email given in the contact us section.

Though we produce and publish content to help our readers, however, to cover the cost of our operations we also need to monetize some of our content. For monetization, we may use affiliate links on product recommendation pages. These affiliate links will take you to the pages where you can complete the buying process and will have detailed information about the product, its price, and terms related to the purchase of the product. If you buy anything using such links on our website, then it will not cost you any extra money, but we may earn an affiliate commission for such purchases. (These pages are not part of our website; we don’t have any control over those pages and the content they have).

Sometimes we also publish sponsored or paid content on our website to generate Ad revenue. Such content is clearly marked as “sponsored” or “paid” so that our readers can distinguish between the content created by our writers specifically for our website and the content produced by and or for our affiliate partners.

We may use product images and other images for illustration and guidance purposes only by giving due attribution to the actual owners or the source from where we get those images. Such images are property of their respective owners. We don’t claim any ownership of such images. In case of any copyright issues please contact us and we will remove those images, illustrations immediately from our website.

We may collect some data about our readers to improve user experience and / or for other reasons. We respect privacy of our readers you can visit our privacy policy page for more details

As a reader supported online tech magazine we always look forward to hear from our valued readers about their opinions, inquiries and complaints. You can contact us via email any time using below email IDs. We will try our best to reply to you as soon as possible.